Alaska Men's 700 Club

2003 Tournament Rules

1.  This tournament is sanctioned by the American Bowling Congress and is open to all male ABC sanctioned bowlers who are paid active members of the ALASKA MEN'S 700 BOWLING CLUB.

2.  This tournament will consist of a 6-game qualifying block across 12 lanes bowled February 15, 2003 at 9:00 AM.  All bowling will be scratch.  Upon completion of the qualifying block, the top 64 bowlers based on total pinfall (less the champions of the previous 5 & 10 years' tournaments) will proceed to the semi-final rounds.  Should entries warrant, two qualifying squads will be conducted on February 15, 2003, beginning approximately at 9:00 AM and 1:00PM, respectively.  In the event of two qualifying squads, the 700 Club Tournament Committee will assign bowlers to a squad in a random draw and all bowlers will be notified of their squad assignment.

        2.1.  If the past seven champions are seeded, leaving 57 spots for the semi-finals, the draw will be split so that the same numbers of bowlers are on each squad (plus or minus 1 entry).   The top 28 or 29 from each squad will advance to the semi-final rounds.  NO PREFERENCE OR CHOICE WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY ENTRANT WITH REGARD TO SQUAD ASSIGNMENT.

        2.2.  The number of qualifying entries does not include the seeding of the past 7 champions should they decide to bowl.  Presently there are no two-time past champions, leaving 57 positions for the semi-finals.

        2.3.  Tournament entry forms will be sent to Champions, as they must pay their annual tournament entry fee prior to the close of the entries date.

3.  This tournament will be conducted at Eagle River Bowl, 12130 Regency Dr., Eagle River.  Employees of Eagle River Bowl who are members of the Club shall be eligible to bowl and win prizes.

4.  The tournament will be conducted in a double-elimination format consisting of two-game matches.

5.  All prize monies are guaranteed by the ALASKA MEN'S 700 BOWLING CLUB and will be returned 100% at a ratio of at least 1 paid position for each 10 entries.

6.  All bowling will be conducted in such a manner that it will comply strictly with all ABC General Playing rules.